Riace is a project that shortly became a symbol of good practices in migration-management not only in Italy, but also abroad. In 2016, not for nothing, Domenico Lucano is the only Italian mentioned in World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by the prestigious Magazine Fortune. A lot are publications and documentaries that talk about this story, such as Il Volo, a short film shot in 2008 by Wim Wenders, and the fiction Tutto il mondo è paese, a Picomedia and Rai Fiction production, made in July 2017, with Beppe Fiorello. This little village of 1800 on the Calabrian coast, with its inclusion and support projects for refugees and asylum seekers, contrasted with depopulation’s trend. A craft shops and a lot of business have been open. This helped to rejuvenate the Riace’s economy and to raise the quality of life. Today, the State and the Europe declared war on Riace, afraid of the symbol that it has become, and we want to run to his rescue. We want to restart the State from what it has (stopped, for now). We want to reopen the craft shops (where a man of Riace and an immigrant worked together), the restaurant, the school visits to the educational farm, the sustainable tourism in the abandoned apartments, also used to host migrants. All this is useful for developing a local economy, to make it autonomous little by little. It is a difficult challenge. We believe this Foundation is the most useful tool for this our purpose. The foundation’s name will be E’ Stato il Vento (Become a wind), because a lot of Domenico Lucano’s tales about Riace often begin like this. The same wind that blow a boatload of Kurdish refugees on the little village shores. A foundation to collect solidarity contributions all over the world, because people from all over the world show to want that Riace reborn. The Promoter Committee of Foundation will have the task to launch a fund-raising campaign to reach one hundred thousand euros, the minimum capital by law. A lot of contributions are already coming, and we trust that more will come.

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